Internal veterinary medicine includes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of veterinary diseases. Animal Care Center offers veterinarians experienced in every aspect of internal medicine, with a special affection for the cats and dogs that come to us for care.


Our wellness program is designed to keep your pet healthy, from the puppy or kitten stage to the senior companion. Certainly, vaccinations and parasite prevention are important to wellness. But we provide the personal touch to every wellness plan. Our veterinarians take time when getting to know their patients and owners, learning about your specific needs and lifestyle. Every aspect of pet care is examined and considered including nutrition, exercise, behavioral concerns, and outside activities.

We care about the whole pet and support pet owners with information and guidance every step of the way. We encourage you bring all of your questions to each visit: We have the answers to your pet care needs.


Our excellent diagnostic laboratory and advanced technology are only the dressing when it comes to veterinary medicine. Interpreting the results from various tests takes time and knowledge, with a willingness to explore every possibility.

We offer our patients the best possible diagnostic tool: our brains! The combined experience and training of our veterinarians is invaluable in the diagnostic process. Experience tells us where to look for answers to the problems plaguing your canine or feline companion.


Sick pets receive tender care from our veterinary team. From allergies to cancer, suffering pets are given every consideration regarding pain management and humane treatment options. Alternative, cutting-edge treatments are combined with traditional approaches for the ultimate in effective and successful outcomes.


Dogs and cats are different, so we have tailored our practice to meet their unique needs. Learn more about our cat friendly practice approach.

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