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We understand that well-trained pets make happier, more agreeable companions. The Animal Care Center team provides information, advice, and resources to assist you in addressing your pet behavioral concerns.


We offer behavior counseling geared toward correcting annoying, damaging, or dangerous conduct in pets. Common behavior problems plaguing pet owners include excessive barking, chewing, spraying, scratching, digging, house soiling, and aggression. We work with you, identifying the source of the problem and developing a plan to establish or restore a positive relationship with your companion.


We begin with a thorough exam to identify any physical issues that may cause problem behaviors. Physical causes for acting out include an irritating allergy or skin disorder, painful urinary tract infection, or intestinal parasites. Medical interventions for specific conditions can effectively eliminate related behaviors.

Some pet problems are best addressed by adding behavioral medication to the treatment plan. These medications help treat problem behavior in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Altering the animal’s perception of a situation or thing
  • Changing the consequence of the behavior
  • Providing an acceptable alternate action
  • A combination of these options

Typically, medication is combined with behavior modification to help the patient respond more effectively. For example, if a dog is afraid of thunder storms, medication helps to tolerate the storm while behavior modification is implemented.


Aside from medical issues, environmental changes can cause stress that leads to pet problems. Changes in the pet’s household, such as adding a new family member or a move to a new location, can cause unpleasant behavioral changes.

Don’t wait to address pet problems of this nature. The longer a negative behavior is exhibited, the more difficult it is to correct it. Basic training techniques can provide immediate relief, helping pet owners establish order and safety while enhancing the human-animal bond.

At the Animal Care Center, we believe that a well-trained pet helps make a happy family! The opposite is also true; an annoying pet with bad manners or bad habits can make life miserable for even the most tolerant.

Because of the impact pet behavior has on a pet family, we strive from the very first visit to help you understand pet behavior, pet training and the importance of early socialization. Your first few puppy or kitten visits will be dedicated as much to behavior and socialization as they will be to pet health and well-being.


We assess your pet’s attitude at every visit, comparing him or her to other pets of the same age and breed. We are a certified Fear Free hospital, meaning we do everything in our power to reduce the stress associated with veterinary visits. We record your pet’s FAS score (Fear, Anxiety and Stress) at every single visit, in hopes of helping to minimize it at every subsequent visit.

Training your pet takes time and commitment from both you as the owner and us as your veterinarian. We offer a $5 credit on your account anytime you bring your pet into the hospital to have a treat, get weighed or just get a pat on the head by the staff and doctors. You can come in up to 20 times in a year to ease ALL of your pet’s concerns about heading into the hospital. It’s called a “Fear Free Visit”, and we are the only hospital around who will take the time to get to know your pet in this way!


Our veterinary team will work with clients to recommend the ideal trainer for their pet’s specific temperament and behavioral issue


If you think that socialization and training are just for the dogs, think again! We are the only facility in the state to offer kitty kindergarten classes. Our feline friendly staff takes great pride in offering these classes regularly; your kitten will become more socialized and less stressed about visiting the hospital. Additionally, kittens can be taught to walk on a leash, sit, take medications, ride in a crate or a car quietly and even learn a few tricks.


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