Animal Care Center Bountiful is proud to be a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice, certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). The Cat Friendly Practice program transforms and elevates the delivery of feline veterinary care by improving support and services to feline patients and cat owners. By completing this certification, we demonstrate our in-depth understanding of your cat’s distinct needs and behaviors.


Our feline friendly facility offers a variety of amenities including a special room just for cats, complete with many features to make each visit to the vet more relaxing and comfortable. We use white noise, catnip, kitty hiding places, and soothing essential oils to enhance the veterinary experience for our feline patients.


The Cat Friendly Practice certification process lets you know we embrace certain standards in addressing the needs of cats. As a Cat Friendly Practice, we are committed to make visits more pleasant for our feline patients and their owners.

  • We have created an environment that is less threatening to cats and meets their unique needs.
  • Our team handles your cat in such a way that examinations and procedures are less stressful.
  • Because your contribution to your pet’s care is essential, we help you understand your cat’s needs and learn what you can do at home for optimum care.
  • Our Cat Advocate is a dedicated member of our staff who ensures our adherence to the cat friendly standards and is happy to answer any of your questions.

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